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Family-owned fruit supplier, Honey Tye has launched a new website in answer to calls from customers to supply high quality produce to more customers.

Run for over three generations by the Peake family, Honey Tye is one of the best and most sustainable horticultural farms in the UK. The company is dedicated to utilising the latest fruit varieties and growing practices from around the world while staying true to its traditional farming techniques.

The farm was started back in 1948, when owners Bill and Devora Peake bought the land from the War Agricultural Executive Committee, almost doubling the size of their original farm in Boxford. After settling on fruit and horticultural production, Honey Tye Farm focused production on its apple orchard and rapidly grew from there. The supplier now produces a wide selection of fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and rhubarb, along with asparagus at the start of the farming season.

As the Peake family’s largest constituent farm, Honey Tye now produces around 300 hectares of hand-picked fruit and supplies it to retailers and caterers, including the East of England Co-op, who are looking for fresh quality produce that can be delivered to market quicker than traditional supermarkets and markets can provide.

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